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Institute for the Study of Human-Animal Relations


The Many Challenges of Coexistence
Michael Tobias
President & CEO, Dancing Star Foundation
Writer, Director, Producer

January 16-17, 2015

Tobias is president and CEO of the Dancing Star Foundation, a non-profit public benefit corporation focused on international biodiversity conservation, global environmental education and animal protection.  He is the author of more than 45 books (both fiction and non-fiction) as well as several edited anthologies. Tobias has written, directed, produced, executive produced, or co-executive produced more than 100 films – TV series, documentaries and dramas, most pertaining to environmental, cultural or scientific issues.

Tobias screened the directors cut of his 2006 film, Mad Cowboy, and gave a lecture entitled, “The Many Challenges of Coexistence,” wherein he presented images and footage gathered from his more than 100 ecological films which date back more three decades over a tumultuous environmental history. In addition, Tobias shared his views on some of the most salient conundrums which impact humanity’s habitat, species, populations and individuals.