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Institute for the Study of Human-Animal Relations


Misperceiving Marine Mammals?
A Tale of Two Settings


Heather Hill, PhD
St Mary’s University (Texas)

October 30, 2017

Have you ever thought about the impact of the ominous music of ”Jaws” and your belief that sharks are bloodthirsty human eaters? Have you found yourself agreeing with the Blackfish “experts” after hearing about the horrible plight killer whales in captivity while listening to the “wailing cries” of calves as they are “ripped away” from their mothers? Two films with devastating consequences – sharks are still terrifying and facilities housing killer whales are cruel. After 20 years of studying several species of marine mammals and humans in captivity, Dr. Heather Hill will share some of her science about dolphins, belugas, killer whales, and human biases.